Department of Journalism and Media Studies :: Academics 

Credit Hour and Duration

Normally 4 years including period for internship/dissertation/project. However, students who have completed prior credits either from the BTEB, EDEXCEL (e.g. HND, ND, and other diplomas) , etc. may be entitled to course exemptions or credit transfer provided that evidence of completion of degrees or courses with satisfactory grades is provided and is approved by the Academic Council. This will enable students to finish the degree in less than four years period.

Degree/Graduation Requirements

For the degree of Bachelor of Media Studies and Journalism, student will require to earn

  • 132 credit hours including internship (6 credit hours)
  • CGPA of 2.00 without ‘F’ in any course

A student with 12 years formal pre-University education (i.e. S.S.C. + H.S.C. or its equivalent) must earn a total of 138 credits including internship/dissertation/project. A minimum CGPA for graduation is 2.00 on a scale of 4.00 or any uniform system prescribed by the UGC. A student failing in any compulsory course will have to repeat the course.

The University follows the American System of Evaluation and Assessment prevalent in most North American universities and considers exemptions for prior credits earned by candidates beyond 12 years of education. Candidates with diploma or certificate from recognized award bodies such as the National Council for the Training of Journalists, etc. will have exception to completion of some of the credits for award of the Bachelors programme. Thus, the students will have the option of completing the degree program in less than four years time.

Grading System:

The following uniform grading system approved by the UGC for all Universities is applied in the examinations:

Numerical Marks Grade Points Grades
80% and above 4.00 A+ (Plus)
75% to less than 80% 3.75 A (Regular)
70% to less than 75% 3.50 A- (Minus)
65% to less than 70% 3.25 B+ (Plus)
60% to less than 65% 3.00 B (Regular)
55% to less than 60% 2.75 B- (Minus)
50% to less than 55% 2.50 C+ (Plus)
45% to less than 50% 2.25 C (Regular)
40% to less than 45% 2.00 D (Regular)
less than 40% 0.00 F
Incomplete I
Withheld W

The minimum passing grade from one semester to the other is GPA 2.00 (D)

The overall performance of a student will be expressed in terms of Grade Point Average or G.P.A. A student can retake any exam with payment of prescribed fees.